Our Mission

To be a world class dairy ingredient processor and marketer of premium milk powders with emphasis on quality, food safety, and profitability.

Five multi-generational Central Valley California Dairy Families, nutritionists, and veterinarians came together to form Valley Milk. We have completed construction on our newly constructed, state-of-the-art, milk powder processing facility in Turlock, CA. Our facility is supplied by 16 dairy farms, which form full vertical integration from farm to powder.

Core Values

Valley Milk’s resilient multi-generational family foundation is fundamental in our promise to foster core values representing integrity, respect, innovation, promotion of a healthy and safe work environment, and commitment to our customers.

INTEGRITY – Doing the right thing in an ethical, honest, fair and responsible manner in all we do.

QUALITY – Passion for providing premium dairy ingredients ensuring customer satisfaction, compliance, and profitability.

SAFETY – Uncompromising commitment to the health and safety of our employees, subcontractors, customers, community, and the food safety of our ingredients.

RESPECT – Commitment to respecting each other, our employees, customers, stakeholders, animals, environment, and community.

INNOVATION – Pioneer new ideas to drive improvement in our products, processes, and customer offerings which provide new value.

COMMITMENT TO CUSTOMERS – Strive to provide superior customer service through quality, efficiencies, and innovative solutions resulting in value to our customers and company.