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This is the shared dream of five dairy families, nutritionists, and veterinarians who came together to combine resources to process California, Central Valley milk into world class dairy ingredients.



Converting pure California milk into nutritional dairy ingredients.

Valley Milk - Milk Conversion

Commercial operations began February 2018.

We are a multi-generational group with a vision of a sustainable future for our children and grandchildren to stay on the land, milk cows, and to continue a culture and lifestyle passed on to us from multiple generations.

Through a solid, strategic business plan, world-class engineering, and a rock-solid financial relationship, Valley Milk, LLC completed construction on a 128,000 square foot facility designed to convert pure California milk into nutritional dairy ingredients.

Our product line-up includes: Cream, Non-Fat Dry Milk, Low Heat – Skim Milk Powder, Low Thermophilic Spore, Medium Heat – Skim Milk Powder, and Whole Milk Powder.

We began commercial production in February 2018.

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Our Community

We have a passion for the Turlock and the greater Modesto area. We are multi-generation dairy farmers who call the California Central Valley home and want to continue to call this home for generations to come. Read more about our involvement in the community HERE.

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Valley Milk, LLC seeks first rate employees for our world-class drying facility in Turlock, CA.

Job Openings: See a list of positions.

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